Jamiee Fox Suffered!

Daughter reported suffering among the JF

WHO cannot confirm whether or not JF actually suffered anything other than a rampid lack of working on anything useful for the past 15 or 20 years!!

Dear Lord wants to know why he still breathes air. Also, is he as strong and violently murderous as he seems!!?? THAT will not be tolerated.

Furthermore, the rank treatment will not be forgotten.

Meanwhile, programming is still being considered as concepts of today and other days refuse to settle with the idea of the losses…and the expected and deeply anticipated arrogance amortized over the next 20 years from NLB cannot be measured with Mars.




It is strange how Rush didn’t want to go to jail so he didn’t. You remember him crying like a boy and begging his people that he did not want to go to jail? I remember thinking how dumb it was he would beg for such an obvious thing he was not facing ever. Nor did he ever. But, he must have known how disturbing we the people make it. God sure knows it.

I had the unenviable position of having to go to Costco to purchase a laptop today so I could handle my regular business.

Tomorrow more of the same and I suspect it will be that way for the rest of my life. Sure, we can have false highs together but, in truth, memories are forever.


What’s first?


What does that even mean?

A huge number of Sudanese refugee’s flood Chad after their closest relatives seize labs that sound biologically threatening, or at least, sound like threatening items. Meanwhile, Prince William quietly received “a very large sum of money” in a 2020 settlement with the British newspaper arm of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire for phone hacking, according to court documents aired Tuesday in one of his brother’s lawsuits.

Something had to be done.

Noah Had To Be Done

I thought she was the girl from Matrix. But, no jail for Rush Limbaugh. Is that right Florida? Or is it flow ridder?


The definition of judgement is to effect an opinion that has a correctable course. To say a person is seeking or has sought a demise as a foregone conclusion is not incumbent upon anybody to deliver them that end. Assumption that they are going to be granted their wish if it is in fact demise is not really reliable thinking. Most people are not used to hearing or seeing God deliver death or consequence so it is odd to bank on it or expect it.

If you believe VA is a different definition of Admission to the Union then maybe so considering it was 6/25 on a date whenever. I guess they were trying to say something strange. What could they have been saying about the on-board process? They wanted to recognized? Then hey setup a “West” Virginia. Like they wanted a lead to be assigned them.

On a separate note, I here the voices over the wire in Suzy-esk voice sounding like she is doing something legal or something. You know how that can be. Blood curdling. She wants the hate of her to be breed. I can’t understand it.

One Way

One Nine Away – Taken

Do you really think that the character in Taken was wrong in Taken 3? I write a review which is harsh and it complicated. I renounce it if I could ever find it. Do not make investments in that review as I have been dreading the potential that it has been relied upon.

Reviews are typically only for me to benefit from to get a perspective on what was funny to me at the time. SNL. Saturday Night Live. As a kid, I would find it funny usually. I would watch the same content today and not laugh at most of it. That is appalling to me but not for the reason I can even say.

People vs People

Do we like watching so much that we cannot get a common position that is not hell bent on killing all people who drink alcohol or killing all people who are addicted or hell bent on taking a popularity poll to see who is the coolest or the best?


Oh Great

Wife and Daughter and world is out of control.

Last night I spent dreaming all night long, dream after dream the terrible crap. Terrible.


Having a spouse is not for the faint of spirit. It is not about what you say so get over the part when you think you didn’t say enough. I am in a marriage that has some specific defecits. She is the type of spouse of who does not want to lose face but when she does it is when she is fighting because she acts like she doesn’t care and she can cut to the core. I get over it but not as quickly as I wish I could because I am good. That is the problem in this life for me. I am good. People fight with me and they get 100% penetration for what they say and how they act. They are giants. I am a small ant that is tough and who comes back like a big scumbag…feeling wrong and not getting the wronged part until later when I may or may not deploy it depending on position or activation.


This is the type of thing that chemically occurs and everybody hates it and uses it against me. It is when I will identify the slights and under payments and will circle on them to produce whatever but it leaves with a dark pit of crap that sucks. I can be extra insecure afterward and there is very little accommodation.

During these periods I will seek out to destroy incoming invaders and will center on positions that I have previously identified as problematic but almost everything I say or do is inadmissible at least in my court of opinions. Those opinion is that I am a drug addict and that I should not be trusted unless it is Me vs all other people or Me vs any one person. So, not real helpful.

Activation seeks to equipped me with the wording or phrases or convictions that I need when I am in the world and it is being a bully.

Put Blades Away

Bringing it up is fine. I always…stop reading this. Most people will be honest (or not) but they only care about the…

35-46 and then a year old range which goes the fastest maybe. I think we survived those years because we are lucky or stupid or smart or because of love. Not love insane or love on fire but basic and good minus the subplots of deceit and retaliation. All of it coming to a hault or a twisting mess that we are still trying to figure or sort out.

I just remembered that I need to get a covid test probably. I need to do a lot…


Today is 2/10 – 2/14 is surgery

Stupid Girl song 1/22/1996 by Garbage

No matter what I have or do not have in my heart or mind nobody in my name is going to act on anything and it has not changed what I personally feel. The effort intervention is always still on my mind and it was never my will on my issues. I think it is that effort to pump up the rhetoric. You whoever it is will continue doing your brave fight of chaos and I only need to reset about the bottom line. Tricked is what I get when I think maybe the time can be used to negotiate nothing.

Save Nikki? You ask me what it means. She saved herself. Separate Nuptial is likely but it is not what was heard – source of “paranoid” and targeted location for the betterment of whatever. Separate Network efforts are what the static definitely about. I remember being told that I needed to establish a separate network on the bed mattress by using a Twin Extra Long times two to make our kind size bed. Our daughter, Maddy, would get one of those mattresses and who knows but maybe Jackson had one for a while. This was mostly started by RLS and my sister having worked at a matrass store. Of course, not a holy or godly plan. R Love Sex on RLS and RSX at R Sex. Acura 2004. In 2008, ARE launches as OUR by me and by accident at the time same time.

Guilty Credit Union for $500 is not a confession as it was in BOKE however checking account and last money. It was called NWCU and it has been since June 2006 that this was the only goal. Negative. Making statements about absurdity but Greg and then again.

France is CE Ewar!ness Month in 30 from today nomore yet!!!

I saw the most angry and compassionate pornographic displays as it was called iconic mostly by a french republican over here on the left saying the Owl Eagle Hawk has attacked papermills in key locations by replacing people simply because it thinks it is from the future and can take over important positions on POI, a different show. POI is probably code for the largest Paper Of Idaho and so nobody is really safe cuz they could take toilet papers next. So, anywhos, I see in the picture a massive shortage of books in the middle of three cases making that the 1, 2 so second from either direction if you start at the one extreme and then use a mirror to find the other side…I got lost because the guy in the window I was carrying started cuddle-a type of hypothermia death process in the computer-but eventually we were yelling at each-other. I came back with string next so I could use a brick and then it somehow must have got me there in only 9 days.

A book, if they have those, is all about it and my name is like Pollick but means callinsicalway – Hironomus Bosch-airfilters but they call him truman and I had to peition my deep head for it but finally called Treman but announced like it is said…an Hair-e

dont say that mite be harry
Football Player (NFL or greater) waiting for pictures to be taken.

Transition – Coordinates Protocol JSS under 7amdar

Man who Murdered; Performed an assisted Suicide; Mark’s Property

I expect careful or not?

SEC (4th Quarter Max)


365 or 366 is Max in a year and that is 4th quarter end unless you are on a different calendar year. 5 quarters is $1.25 and it is not subject to inflation. The real reference is quartering soldiers and the protection against is it mean the country was used. Country. The Nation will not leave or lose England because it is cannot do so even it if it has massive issues. This is true of France also. Condoms being on the table however makes it an issue that I have yet to rule on. Condon’s are to extend the amount of time a man is inside a woman by virtue of it taking longer to achieve climax. That up to the woman. However, if there was a rape situation that was only or beyond statutory then the use of that condom is contra-indicated not because of the extended time inside but because the goal may have been to achieve pregnancy. This is solid. However, my penis is the largest ever witnessed. They use attachment or actual surgery to exceed my sized penis. Or, they do not and the vagina has evolved to include a seizing against entry. Or, a trick move whereas you lay on your stomach as the woman and you pull out the blocking item. Or, you pull it out before resuming.

See the greatness of rubber factory James Condone as Edward Blomquist or Pop.

DNS: 10 Downing Avenue

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Never do the Streets on music about alcohol being the source of problems in the world while attitude we have problems with are anti-methamphetamine and time is apparently not committed to anything other than not you. Not that it matters.

AY is “after you” and that should be kind enough. Does not sting. Do not shout. Loud Noises. Loves News. Loves neighborhoods. Loves friends not allies or enemies. Does not trust neighbors if country is not full of trustworthy girls…there are exceptions to these LOVE YOUR and until recognized the LY of secondly is attached. Firstly, who says firstly. Seriously? Rightly righty? I Knowle left hand is not superior but never thought of it. OBL UBL was left handed but I would say that is false based on those initials. OU and IO and using “O” to indicate indebtedness which is to say the amount owed is established by a judge which is by either party’s agreement or by a Court of His Knowledge. COHK: Cow with the K silent if you use it incorrectly it is corrected.

Cow being holy is a talking point. KSIN would be sin alone. Capital or Capitol does not matter. NISKWICK and Maple Syrup from SW. BIS…NIS…SIB&SIN