Taylor Curtis Lewan

I have you

Taylor Curtis Lewan (born July 22, 1991) is an American football tackle for the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Michigan, where he twice received first-team All-American honors, and was selected by the Titans in the first round of the 2014 NFL

Taylin Lewin, Wynne, Willow

It’s assumed these people are part of the P.N.W of the organized Earth with its meager response of, “No Response Received” and its deeply courageous effort such as “No Contact: except for the negative and demeaning” approach to the future of everything without explanation needed as we look at this scenario.

Assume, would be honest, that the most negative of lenses were used.

Taylor Curtis Lewan; Taylin Lewin are wife and husband it is thought. But, we assumed it was husband and wife. Being part of the NI fan club means we assume the most backward approach and not the traditional loyalist approach of Mark. Better-Bitter Wills.

Taylin Lewin is the husband so we will look at him first. The theory is based on the 125 violation reference you think. Won is 1 in newtro-speak thus win is XO. Won is challengeable while Win is about a specific game and we can assume it was 1-0. In football…but wife is not playing football. So, we would say 2-0 because only two people are pictured sidelined are the children and if real should have been pictured. From his name we see Tailing but we see Tay: love is neighborly which is a confession regarding the daughter of Julie being retarded by her and her mother’s approach to love being surgically destroyed. That is good information we will use. YLIN means and in relation to Mark specifically it means Your Love Is Not but in response to the neighborly reflection of love. You can list a long presumptions about Mark’s love vs love for other things. Limited Mark’s love is not. Thus, Mark loves innocent neighbor. Adulatory You Love Inversely Negative. Treason after you lied in Nikki: fire forever.

Treasury Audit: YLIN (U Lost: I wiN) You remember, “Game Over” on the shirt around 2006 that was all the non-rage showing a man with a bride who is smiling while the groom is frowning because he lost. Clearly, disinformation hoping I would enjoy it while it lasted as 2015 would be when the major cocksucker would running the show like Oz? Right? Is this what you thought of 1913-2015? We would not get 13, 15= 102. It was called before and during but never mind the 13-16: P# vs A#

Children Added as Treasury Audit not indicated. FBI agents were added not Tax Auditors.

You did not need to play that game because you would win ever single time no matter if you lost; you destroyed and undermined his capability of trust knowing.

Taylor Curtis Lewan for the wife having maiden name of Curtis. We drop Curtis’s name and replace it with Myra for the name that is last listed for both. Lewan vs Lewin. Lwane and Lwine for little ones. Yes, they are children and will be like that. Assuming they exist. You named them with Wynne, Willow. With You Mark Exactor. Will It COW.

Summary here, it is touching the couple above. They are fine.


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